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Package Air Conditioner

Rooftop Packaged Units are single packaged and designed for outdoor installation, and they may be used for cooling only or heat pump with following features. Cooling Capacity: From 3 tons to 66 tons. Weather-proof, polyester epoxy power electrostatic paint oven-baked finish for sheet metal and multi epoxy polyester coating for base frame for maximum protection. Intelligent Control-Parameters of unit are monitored and adjusted by microcomputer system. High efficiency with Anti-vibration mounting scroll compressors. Immediate operability – Quick start-up is assured once installation is complete. Safety and reliability -Complete unit control function, multi protection, safe and reliable operation. Quiet Operation: This type is basically constructed and engineered with noise reduction as a first consideration (low noise mounted fans are used. Fiber glass insulation for evaporator section and compressor are mounted on vibration isolators.