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Cassette Fan Coil unit are products of high efficiency and excellent quality, They are main applied for centralized air conditioning system which can be used in supermarkets, hospitals, office building and airports, etc. The main feature and merits is delicate structure, novel configuration, energy saving, quiet operation and adjustment and convenient maintenance. The series of Cassette Type Fan Coil are mainly plastic long diameter turbo centrifugal fan, which has high efficiency of air flow, high air capacity and low sound level. Fan is working; Meanwhile it lowers the noise caused by fan swinging. Good water pump was used to expel water, to making sure condense water was expelled smoothly, the level heightened by water pump can be achieved to 750mm. It adopts electric shock type level meter switch to control the water level in the control water panel. When the height of cooling water in the drain pan is over certain level, the unit will send alarm and stop cooling, making sure there is not leakage. The air indoor was drew in the machine by fan, and delivered into the room after cooled. The temperature was adjusted by constant circulation of unit. It has many types and patterns be chosen. Users can adopt freely depends on the situation to attain the aim of elegance and comfort. It is controlled by intelligent computer; Therefore, it has merits of easy operation and overall function, high precision, low energy cost and reliable working. It can be applied with computer controller system in office building, hotel, restaurant, finishing automatic procedure control.